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Is it hard to get a car loan through the dealership if your credit at the bank is at it’s limit?

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Getting a Car Loan When You Have Poor Credit

Car Loan Approved with Poor Credit

It can be tough to find reliable auto financing if your credit at the bank is at its limit. Bad choices, poor financial advice, loss of employment, and another number of factors can leave a person with bad credit and a hard time finding a lender for your auto loan. You can still get a car loan if your credit is not great. By taking the right steps, you can improve your credit score over time with your car loan.

With a poor credit rating, it will be very difficult to get a loan through the bank. Luckily, there are options for people who may not be able to secure a traditional car loan.

How hard is it to get a car loan with poor credit?

Your monthly payments will be higher if you have a poor credit score as lenders will charge a higher interest rate to offset the higher default rates.

Look for a poor credit auto lender that provides the following services:

  • Loans available for both new and used cars. It’s common for poor credit lenders to offer loans for used cars only.
  • If you’ve declared bankruptcy, some lenders may not consider giving you an auto loan. You can overcome this common scenario by finding an auto lender that is willing to work with those that have been through bankruptcy.
  • If you’re a borrower with bad credit, the best lenders will make a genuine effort to help you understand the process of getting a car loan and helping you reduce your chances of default. Look for lenders that offer educational articles and tools to help you get the knowledge you need.
  • Look for a lender that has a solid track record, strong customer support and good status with the better business bureau.
  • Does the lender have requirements that are clearly disclosed? Check to see if the lender allows loans for cars of a certain age or mileage or if you require a certain income or credit score.

Before You Get a Car Loan

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If you have poor credit, it’s important to be prepared before you go into the dealership. Here are three steps you should follow before visiting the dealership.

    1. Know Your Vehicle Needs

You don’t want to purchase an automobile that has more features or applications than what you need. Getting a car that is bigger or more flashy will have you paying more than what is absolutely necessary and this is not a good idea if you have poor credit. Consider things like your daily commute, gas mileage, and any expected routine maintenance when thinking of the vehicle you need. Once you have a clear picture of a car that will suit your transportation needs, you’ll be less likely to be pressured by the dealership into buying a car that is out of your price range.

    2. Set a budget

When planning for long-term financing and monthly payments, it’s important to set a budget. Figure out exactly how much you can afford to spend on a car and use your budget to estimate your monthly car payments.

Examine the car loan payment costs at different term lengths. As you increase the term of your contract over time, you will be making smaller monthly payments. Keep in mind that if you increase the loan term length, you’ll be paying more in the long run due to continued interest payments. If you have poor credit, you may have to pay back the loan on a shorter term than a traditional car loan as the lender will need to collect more up front to offset the chance of a potential default on the loan.

Don’t forget to include insurance payments in your monthly budget. Get an insurance price quote before visiting the dealership.

    3. Know Your Credit Score and Seek Pre-approval

It’s important to know your credit score before applying for an auto loan. You can get a free glance at your credit score through various online financial services. Once you know your credit score, you can make a better estimate of the terms on a car loan payment plan. Contact your local bank or credit union for a loan pre-approval after you have an idea about your credit score.

Financing terms you should know

Credit Now Financing Terms on Car Loan

Before you sign any car loan contract, you’ll need to read it. Here are a few finance terms to help you understand the car loan process and your car loan contract.

Amount Financed: The amount loaned to you for the vehicle purchase.

Assignee: The lender that buys the contract from the auto dealer.

Down Payment: Money paid up front on the vehicle that will reduce the amount of the auto loan.

Finance Charge: Any fee charged for the use of credit. For example, a financial transaction fee.

Fixed Rate Financing: The interest rate stays the same during the duration of the loan.

Monthly Payment Amount: The amount paid toward the balance on the loan.

Total of Payments: The total amount that will be paid at the end of the loan including the principal and interest.

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