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About Credit Now Car Loans

Credit Now is a team of professional finance managers in Metro Vancouver. Credit Now prides its self on offering clients the best opportunity to get approved car loan financing. Clients really appreciate that Credit Now will NOT sell their personal information like most other places online.

When you apply, the Norton Secure 3 question form protects your credit score and keeps your sensitive information out of the hands of online scammers. We maintain an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and each finance manager is licensed by the Vehicle Sales Authority of BC.

We are the authorized representatives for the most national automotive lenders in Canada. See who we are and a small sampling of the lenders we work with to get you the best auto loan options by scrolling down.

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Get Better Credit
CreditNow - Rebuild
You need to rebuild your credit maybe because you overcame a challenge like an illness, divorce, job loss or a bankruptcy. You imagine driving a new vehicle and are ready to rebuild your credit now. Since 2003 CreditNow has helped people just like you achieve their goals.
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CreditNow - Establish
You are a savvy, reliable and independent young adult or new Canadian that dreams of driving their own new vehicle. You are ready to establish your credit now and imagine the possibilities that will open up to you.
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CreditNow - Refinance
You have been driving your vehicle for a year or two and your life is headed in a new direction. You want to upgrade to a new gas sipping vehicle, one with more power and a warranty. You are ready for low bank rates. Trade up with CreditNow.

CreditNow - Get Simple

Applying for credit doesn’t have to be the difficult and complex task that other lenders make it – you can fill out all of your information in a couple minutes and just press submit. Don’t fret about pushy negotiations and complicated forms – apply online in one easy step!

CreditNow - Get Safe

Secured by Norton and HTTPS your confidential information is 100% secure. Once submitted, the data is transferred directly from your screen to our inbox. When we receive your application we will contact you immediately to confirm the details – get your application done right, guaranteed.

CreditNow - Get Smart

Working with Credit Now for your financing solutions means working with one of the best and brightest that the Lower Mainland has to offer. Our financial advisors have a competitive advantage – they are automotive experts and know the industry better than the other guys. Get a better rate with us!

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